About Us

AirDrop Ltd is a freight forwarding company offering easy and affordable
shipping to Jamaica from the US. We also offer our customers a US-based
shipping address to which they may ship their orders purchased from web-based
stores or family and friends outside of Jamaica. By sending your orders to
a US-based address, you avoid the cost and hassles associated with traditional
shipping to Jamaica.


Our Story

Airdrop Limited started out of our love for US-based products and the need to get these products to the Caribbean without the usual hassles.
While shipping our packages, we realized how challenging it is to get products delivered from the US to any Jamaica shipping address. With shipping
addresses in Jamaica billed excessively, ordering online becomes far less cost-effective than it was supposed to be. To reduce this challenge, we founded
AirDrop Ltd. to create shipment processes that make US products easily accessible and affordable to everyone in Jamaica.
We understand the value of your time and money and are committed to ensuring that every
customer receives quality in both our services and delivery.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service by exceeding our
customer's expectations in providing on time pickup and delivery system; as well as
innovative transportation solutions and error free handling and accountability of
customer's property. We also strive to be the best freight forwarding company with
transparency to our customers in the most cost effective manner, thereby building long
lasting relationship with our customers and partners.


To become the most preferred freight forwarding company across Jamaica and the Caribbean, providing
world-class shipping solutions, exceptional value and customer service.


  • • Continuous development of our employees.
  • • Honesty and integrity with our customers and suppliers.
  • • The safety and security of our employee's and customer's property.
  • • Operate on a reasonable profit by implementing quality systems and superior customer service.
  • • Maintaining sustainability and giving back to the community.